Kit Advice -mt blanc

Equipment Advice for Trekking Mount Blanc

The weather in the alps, particularly in the Mount Blanc Massif  is prone to variations. Although, we will mostly enjoy fine weather in the summer in the valleys (typically 18-30oC), it can change to cold and wet very quickly, while it is not unknown to have sleet/snow during the summer.  Night time temperatures can expect to drop to around 0oC.

Therefore, on the TMB trek you should have the clothing to deal with both of these extremes as well as a few items for overnight stay in the mountain huts. You will also need good walking boots with a sturdy sole and good ankle support. Items that you do not need on the trek can be left at the hotel.

You need to be looking at walking with a daypack of 40-45L, enough capacity for all your items during the weeks walk

Some ideas on kit to bring along.

It is a good idea to bring along some snacks such as dried fruits, sweets, nut etc.

40-45L rucksac                         Sleeping bag liner is useful for nights in mountain huts (huts provide blankets)

Walking boots                            Waterproof liners/bags for items in your daypack

Good headlamp                         Water bottles or camel bak

Trekking poles                           Sunglasses – very important preferably cat3 type

Camera                                       Earplugs (mountain hut dormitories can get very noisy!)

Fleece jacket/ jumper               Extra pair or two of thermal underwear & hiking socks

Waterproof gloves                     Hat/beanie etc

Sun hat                                        Sun block/ lip balm etc

Travel towel                                 Foot powder (to avoid blisters)

Trekking trousers                      Water proof jacket & trousers

Small first aid kit – bandages, plasters, painkillers, throat lozenges, feminine products, blister kit