Equipment -Kilimanjaro

Kit & Equipment Advice

While the following is not be meant to an exhaustive list of kit to bring along, we have attempted to list some of the more important items as well as giving you an idea of things to bring along.

With regards clothing, bear in mind that you will experience many climate zones across only a few days. There are shops in Moshi, Marangu and at the Park entrance, but is best to plan to arrive with all provisions.

Important -The most common mistake that climbers make is that they over pack and bring way too much gear. Be selective in what you take with you. Please note that our porters are limited to carrying (15 kg) of your personal belongings. If you have excess weight, you will be required to hire an additional porter. All extra luggage items you will not use on your climb can be safely stored at the hotel.

You'll be using your daypack (20-30L) for the Kilimanjaro gear you need during your climb, e.g. water, energy snacks, sun block & lip balm, camera, warm and waterproof layers, basic first aid items, gloves and hat.

To Consider - Checked luggage on airplanes can get lost or delayed on the way to Tanzania. Therefore, you should prepare for this possibility by wearing or carrying on the items that are essential to your Kilimanjaro climb. While most clothing, gear and equipment can be replaced in Tanzania prior to your climb, some things cannot.

While meals are provided during the trek, it’s a good idea to bring along some of your favourite snacks like cookies, dried fruit, sweets, nuts etc and possibly some orange flavourings etc to improve the taste of water.

The following attachment gives an idea kit items to bring along . Kit List pdf - Click here >>>>