Winter Skills

Winter Skills Courses

A little winter mountain knowledge and experience can open up a world of opportunities in the mountains.
Whether it’s to gain skills and experience for a trekking trip /expedition or to venture into the mountains more confidently on your own - Our courses can help you enjoy the mountains what ever level you are at, from adventurous walking to full winter mountaineering.

Scotland has long been the training ground for climbers preparing for the Alps and mountaineering in the Greater Ranges Our Scottish Winter Skills courses for 2011 are based in Aviemore, Cairngorms, offering our clients great access to the mountains without the need for long walk-ins. The Cairngorms provide the ideal winter training ground with it’s high arctic plateau, steep cliffs and some of the most testing arctic weather you’ll find anywhere.

Accommodation is not provided for our Aviemore courses, as this allows us to keep our course costs to a minimum and allowing you to arrange accommodation to suit your budget. 

3 Day Winter Skills Course

During this course we tackle classic winter walks, gullies and ridges while teaching you how to use crampons; techniques for walking on steeper slopes; ice axe arresting; cutting steps; emergency snow shelters; avalanche awareness; route choice and some winter navigation skills. 

Course Ratio:min 1:3 - max 1:6
Non residential course cost : £210
All courses run with a minimum group size of 3.

2 Day Mountaineering Course/ Extension 

Over the course of these 2 days we'll be looking to tackle steeper slopes, steeper gullies, and some classic winter mountain scrambles. This course is suited to those with some winter walking experience or as an extension to the 3 days winter skills course. 

Course Ratios 1:3
Non residential course cost : £160                                          
All courses run with a minimum group size of 3.

Kit Required:

Clients are expected to bring helmets, walking axes, boots and crampons together with the normal hill kit. Harnesses are required for the mountaineering course. Our activity centre can rent equipment if needed. Please contact us to arrange.